Data Mining Course, Fall, 2013 - Assignment 1

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The Task: Write a report on data mining applications

In this project, you are required to read some papers in recent published literature, and then write a report. There are four special topics which you can select:

  • Mining big data
          Mining Big Data: Current Status, and Forecast to the Future
          Scaling Big Data Mining Infrastructure: The Twitter Experience
          Mining Heterogeneous Information Networks: A Structural Analysis Approach
          Big Graph Mining: Algorithms and Discoveries
          Mining Large Streams of User Data for Personalized Recommendations

  • Mining social data
          Challenges in mining social network data: processes, privacy, and paradoxes
          Mining Social Media: A Brief Introduction
          Social network analysis and mining to support the assessment of on-line student participation
          Social Network Analysis and Mining for Business Applications
          International Journal of Social Network Mining: 2012 Vol. 1 No. 1, 2012 Vol. 1 No. 2

  • Privacy in Mobility Data Mining
          Privacy in mobility data mining
          Privacy preservation in the dissemination of location data
          Trajectory privacy in location-based services and data publication
          Trajectory anonymity in publishing personal mobility data
          A privacy-aware framework for participatory sensing

  • Mining stream data
          Mining Data Streams
          Mining data streams: A review
          Advanced Topics on Data Stream Mining
          A framework for clustering massive graph streams
          Adaptive learning and mining for data streams and frequent patterns

You need to find more related papers through google scholar, DBLP, IEEE, ACM and etc. We advise you to read papers from top conferences and journals as listed in (but not limited to) CCF1, CCF2 and etc.

Follow your interest, choose one from these topics listed above, read some papers in your selected topics and write a report.

To wirte this report, you need to consider the following three aspects based on the papers your have read:

  • Motivation, i.e., why data mining is used in this application;
  • Techniques, i.e., how data mining is used in this application;
  • Results, i.e., how well data mining performs in this application.

  • Please use this MSWord template to write your report in Chinese with English abstract, the file for submission should be named with your ID number, e.g., "MG1333001.docx".
  • Do NOT plagiarize, plagiarism will be seriously penalized: You should be careful on writing your report. Whenever you are using words and works of others, citations should be made clear such that one can tell which part is actually yours. Details about how to identify a plagiarism can be found in "Introduction to the Guidelines for Handling Plagiarism Complaints".



Name your report using your student ID, e.g., 'MG1333001.docx'.

The file format should be doc/docx, no other format is acceptable.
NO submission after the deadline is acceptable!
NO email submission will be accepted!

Upload your file to FTP: (please use FTP software to upload, do not use Windows Explorer or IE)
username: mg_dm13
password: mg_dm13



We will evaluate your report according to following aspects:

Language: concise, precise, and logical.
Organization: good structure, clearly and properly separated sections and paragraphs.
Citations: all works of non-yourself should have correct references.
Insights: readers will have an idea on why and how data mining is useful in this application after reading your report.

If plagiarism is identified, no scores will be given to this report.



About 5 submissions will be selected and presented (by the author) in the class.


Contact TA

Mr. Sheng-Jun Huang and Mr. Qing Da

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