Assignment 1 Requirements & Suggestions

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Task Overview

This assignment is to help you build up a sense about how data mining techniques can be applied in real-world applications. In this assignment, you are going to survey applications of data mining in one of the following domains (other domains are not optional):
  • Data Mining in Social Networks
  • Data Mining in Entertainment
  • Data Mining in Medicine
  • Data Mining in Education
  • Data Mining in Marketing
and write a survey using a given template restrictively.

In the rest of this page, you can find:
    what to read?
    what/how to write?
    how to submit?
    how is your survey evaluated?
Please read them carefully.

The author holds the copyright of the survey. The survey, unless agreed by the author, will not be disclosed to any third party.


What to read?

To survey the applications of data mining, you surely need to know at first what data mining is. Therefore, you are highly encouraged to read the recommended papers on the course homepage (reading materials for each chapter) as comprehensive and intensive as possible.

As data mining gains more and more attentions, it is easy to find information of data mining applications in mass media such as news papers, online forums, blogs, etc. However, you should rely on peer-reviewed papers only for this assignment, which are more trustworthy and provide you more details. You can find papers in IEEEXplore, ACM Portal, Elsevier, and DBLP (DBLP only provides paper titles and sources, you need to download the paper elsewhere). You can also search papers using Google Scholar, but the paper quality is not warranted.

(NOTE: You will need a Nanjing University IP to access IEEEXplore, ACM Portal and Elsevier)


What/How to write?

  • You are required to investigate at least two applications in your selected domain. An application is related to a concrete problem of the domain, for which data mining techniques are then introduced.
  • For each application, you are going to report at least three data mining approaches.
  • For each approach, you are going to report (a) why the approach (b) the intuitive idea of the approach (c) technical detail (d) result.
  • For each application, you are also going to summarize the current challenges of existing data mining techniques.
  • Finally, you are going to imagine a vision of the future of your selected domain if advanced data mining techniques are applied.

Please use to write your survey in Chinese. You should follow the outline of the template restrictively, and note:
  • Follow the template, do NOT modify black text, but only replace the red text with your own words.
  • Save your finished DOC file to a PDF file for submission.

Must NOT plagiarize:
  • Whenever you are using words, tables, figures and any work of others, citations should be made clear.
  • A continuous verbatim copy of more than 50 English/Chinese words is identified as a plagiarism, regardless of citations.


How to submit?

Name your PDF survey file using your student ID, e.g., '091221154.PDF'.

Upload your file to FTP: (recommend to use FTP software rather than Windows Explorer or IE)
     username: dm12
     password: dm12

No other file formats are acceptable.
No submissions after the deadline are acceptable.
No email submissions are accepted.


How is your survey evaluated?

Evaluation of your job will be based on the content and your writing. A smooth article reflecting your comprehension will receive a good score.

No scores will be given to a plagiarism.

The end