Yu  Zhang                 

M.Sc. Student

LAMDA Group,Dept.Computer Sci.& Tech.,

Nanjing University,China

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Brief Biography

I was born in TaiZhou in Jiangsu Province.

I was admitted to study in Dept.Computer Sci.& Tech. of Nanjing University in 2000.

I joined the LAMDA Group led by Zhi-Hua Zhou in 2004 after I received B.Sc degree.

My supervisor is Professor Zhi-Hua Zhou, the leader of LAMDA Group.

Research Interest
My current research interest include Face Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Data Mining. 
And I am also interested in algorithm.

   -  Y. Zhang, Z.-H. Zhou. Research on facial features that impact gender classification. 
      Journal of Jiangsu Polytechnic University, 2005, 17: 9-12. (in Chinese with English abstract)
   -  X. Geng, Z.-H. Zhou, Y. Zhang, G. Li, and H. Dai. Learning from facial aging patterns for automatic age estimation. 
      In: Proceeding of the 14th ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACMMM’06), Santa Barbara, CA, 2006, pp. 307-316.
  B.Sc. Thesis
   -  Y. Zhang. Summary of Software Engineering Knowledge Points. Nanjing University

Mail: Yu Zhang                                       Laboratory: room 401,MengMinmeiScience Building II
      National Laboratory for Novel Software Technology                Main Campus of Nanjing University
               Nanjing University                                                                                         URL:         http://lamda.nju.edu.cn/zhangy/    
      Nanjing 210093, China                                Email:       zhangy@lamda.nju.edu.cn

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