For prospective students

About my research interests:

    I mainly work on theoretical foundations of machine learning, including online learning, bandits, and decision-making problems, etc. Additionally, I am interested in large-scale optimization (including stochastic optimization, distributed optimization, LLM optimization, etc.) and applying modern optimization techniques to interesting and practical machine learning tasks. Please refer to this page for my most recent publications.

Prospective (master/PhD) students:

    I am looking forward to self-motivated students with strong math background or programming experience. Usually, I will take 1-2 students each year. If you are interested in working with me, feel free to send me an email with your CV, transcript, a description of your research interests, and other related materials. Please start your email by stating that you have read this instruction.

Other useful information:

    Please note: Unfortunately, I am unable to respond to most inquiries regarding the admission possiblity for graduate students in my group. Admission is mostly handled at a department level in Nanjing University.

    Opening for undergraduate students: If you are an NJU undergraduate student (AI, CS, mathematics, statistics, etc), feel free to contact me about the research interests we may share, especially for those who have taken my courses (Advacned Optimization and Intro to ML).

    Please refer to this page for more information about LAMDA 2025 student recruitment.

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